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Prom was: Fun! Despite my intense, serious doubting prior to it. The following things took place and are documented here for me to pull up when I'm old, lonely, and trying desperately to remember the days when the doves of youth sang ever so sweetly.

- Caitlin Roberts asked me to go with her, and I practically jumped at the opportunity.

- My entire family and Caitlin's mom and Grammy lined-up in a row to take pictures of us. I'm sure half of those pictures are of me looking like a deer in headlights.

- I had to repeat everything I said for the first half of the night, because I was mumbling too softly to be heard above the blaring music that accompanied us wherever we went.

- It took place at the Sheraton in Philadelphia which, incidentally, was the same hotel as AnthroCon 05'. There were a lot less furries, and a lot less frightened bystanders.

- Sarah said I cleaned up nicely.

- Tiffany's boyfriend looked like a Japanese pop-star. Or yakuza.

- Cocktail hour was weird. It sort of felt like mingling at a wedding. We totally had polite, adult dinner conversations.

- Caitlin loved her corsage. Like, loved her corsage. It made me happy to have done something right for her.

- We danced. We danced all night long. Seriously, we tore up the dance floor while looking like the whitest couple in the room, an impressive feat considering our school is full of rich, white teenagers.

- One of those circles formed where people go into the middle and bust a move. Caitlin tried to push me in, but there were a few people (thankfully) blocking the way.

- First time I ever rode in a limo! It was nice, especially on the way back when we were listening to John Coltrane while Brian Dempsey told us a story about some college party he went to where two kids were trying to kill each other.

- Corey grabbed my ass while I was dancing. After the last song was over, I called him a bitch for not having asked me to prom.

- Caitlin and I kissed each other on the cheek, because the DJ told everyone to do it.

- The theater kids asked to do the Time Warp, but were booed off the stage three-quarters of the way through the song. I was (not so) secretly singing along.

- Caitlin kept asking to see the back of people's dresses, because it was the only ice-breaker she knew.

- The fire alarm went off, which obliged everyone to start singing "The Roof is on Fire". It's possible that it actually was.

- We got into Andrew's party, which involved Andrea, Sharon, Pat, JT, and Brendon. We sort of asked to come, but we really didn't want to go home.

- The party wasn't exactly exciting, per se. It was supervised, so all we really did was play videogames and watch a movie. It was the best we could do, cause neither of us really belonged to any particular social group.

- I rocked Caitlin out at Guitar Hero, but she plays real guitar, so I guess she technically won by default.

- We watched Tokyo Drift, which was.. just what you'd expect from a movie about drift racing in Japan.

- There was a character named Morimoto in the movie. Andrea grinned at me when I squealed out "Iron Chef!" I explained to her that I actually hated Morimoto, because he was nowhere near as hardcxre as Sakai and Kenichi.

- I slept for roughly three hours, though I kept slipping in and out of consciousness.

- In the morning, JT was totally having a conversation with Andrew's parents, as if he were an old business partner or something. It was hilariously adorable.

- We all played Mario Kart on our DS's in the morning. I annoyed the hell out of everyone by singing the invincible music every time I got a star, because we all had the sound turned off. Everyone started doing it after me. Trend setter!

- I dropped Caitlin off at around 11:30 or so, then came home and took a five hour nap.

- Caitlin surprised me. I was really dreading prom, because we never really could manage a conversation with each other. But by the end of the night we had no trouble at all with talking to one another. She's the reason I went, the reason I danced, and the reason I had a lot of fun. I'm entirely grateful.

- Prom, overall, was great.

- As great as it was, Cami still owes me a second prom at AC. <3
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