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Popkin (5:04:10 PM): So, I has a story
Lani (5:04:18 PM): hay
Popkin (5:04:30 PM): Hay
Popkin (5:04:39 PM): So, I'm sitting in my English class, waiting for it to start
Popkin (5:05:10 PM): And while me and the class are sitting there, one of the kids gets up, grabs a piece of chalk, and starts writing on one of the blackboards
Popkin (5:05:39 PM): And I'm, like, the only person really watching him
Lani (5:05:47 PM): oo;
Popkin (5:05:57 PM): So he finishes writing and sits back down and I see what he wrote
Popkin (5:06:10 PM): 'Furry Club contact Jordan at blahblahemailadress'
Lani (5:06:18 PM): FURRY CLUB
Lani (5:06:19 PM): OMG
Lani (5:06:20 PM): LOLOLOLOL
Popkin (5:06:35 PM): And fucking NOBODY ELSE reacted to it
Popkin (5:07:11 PM): I was, like, "You're fucking kidding me" and started looking around the room, but everybody else ignored it
Lani (5:07:18 PM): WHAT THE FUCK
Lani (5:07:42 PM): you should have gotten up and written "pedophiles anonymous club contact jeremy at ilikeyoungboys@gmail.com"
Popkin (5:07:55 PM): Ahaha
Popkin (5:08:32 PM): What's funny is how he didn't even try to disguise it as 'Anthropomorphic Animal Enthusiast Club!'
Popkin (5:08:35 PM): Just Furry Club
Lani (5:09:22 PM): lol
Lani (5:11:45 PM): you gotta write that story in lj
Lani (5:11:53 PM): everyone would appreciate it

So I did
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