Popkin (evilpopkin) wrote,

30 Days of Music Meme

Day 4 - A Song That Makes You Sad

"The Happy Birthday Song" by Andrew Bird. Quite possibly one of the saddest songs to have the word "happy" in the title. It's about birthdays, yes, but it's about the point in your life when your birthday stops being something to celebrate and starts being just another day and just another reminder that you're getting older. That first minute, where he's just going through the motions his daily routine, is just so mindless and depressing. And the talk of "it's going to be your last day" is such a morbid thought, but something that absolutely goes through your head on your birthday.

The whole song is about him wanting someone to sing him Happy Birthday, but he sounds as if he finds so little comfort in that, and it's as if he wants to hear it for no other reason than that's just what you do on your birthday.

Also, ignore the stupid picture the guy used for the video. It kind of kills the mood.
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